Anybody Knows if CYYZ has a Plane Spotting Area?

I’m going on a flight from Toronto to Paris soon, anyone knows if Toronto has a plane spotting area at the airport?

Any Terminal Window ;)


You may want to check out this Spotters Wiki…

I also found this good google map with locations on the map…


Any areas within the airport like specialized areas?

Maybe just walk around the airport to each gate… Just like @Balloonchaser said. :)


Well, alright then :)

Check the website Brandon attached first, but otherwise @jasonrosewell should know a few spots.

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Also, even though this topic is closed, check out the topic I linked below… Looks like all those pictures are from the terminal. :)


I live in a town only a little bit out of Toronto and I’ve flow in and out of CYYZ and spotted there at least a dozen times. If you’re asking for a specific gate to spot from, I cannot help you, although, I know a few spots outside of the airports fences where you can spot from. It all depends on the winds when you go there but if you see aircraft on final for runway 24L or 24R, try to get to Silver Dart Drive off of Airport Road. It is a road parallel with the 427 and is directly beside the fence line of both of those runways. If those two runways are in use, runway 23 will be as well. I would just recommend going over to runway 23 as it is much easier to find on Airport Road (near the Wendy’s restaurant) and there is a much more clear view of approaching aircraft without highway 427 in the way. When it comes to runway 15R or 15L, I am not totally sure as I have never personally spotted there, but by the looks of it, you could just pull over off of Derry Road East and have a pretty good view. The reason I didn’t list the other runways such as 33L, 33R, 06L, 06R and 05 is as they are typically not in use with the winds coming at CYYZ out of the South, West or South-West. I hope this information is what you were looking for and for others to possibly use as well. Take care!


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