Anybody know the perfect speed to land an a320 properly

So I’ve been trying to fly the a320 for quite sometime now. Everything’s fine with a flight until the approach and landing. When I try to go low speeds the noise starts bobbing up and down rapidly, also the lower I go the faster it lands and I want a butter landing. If anybody could help me properly fix this I would be so grateful

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Your weight will vary the landing speed. 135 to 140 kts will do.

…I sense tension

Are you manually flying the plane on final? I don’t experience this.


No I usually fly on appr as it is easier for me. I will eventually land manually but for now I’m practicing with appr

If your using APPR, you must enter on the right conditions. Learn about APPR and how to not bob up and down here:


I’ll let it pass…just this time.

The APPR is never going to grease a landing for you, it was never designed to do that - only to help you get established on the ILS or help in extremely low visibility.
As for speed, I tend to go as low as 125-130kts when light.

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I also have the same problem when landing. I don’t know if it’s from the speed but when I land I always bounce and I never land on the centerline (with every aircraft).

Can you help me?

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Sounds like you’ve got a crosswind problem, this will help:

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I don’t think it’s from the wind because I tried landing on solo with 0 wind and the same result.

Maybe I’m not skilled enough :(

You could probably try lowering the control sensitivity in Settings > General > Control sensitivity. Try practising on low.

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This is a known issue. Check this topic:

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The bobbing up thing does not apply when descending in my experience. It might rather be a problem of weight/speed/trim/airport altitude. I have a calculator for these factors and I never have nasty surprises on final.
That being said, I do not use APPR but I undesrtand that if it compensates for wrong configuration, one might experience difficulties when going manual…
On a side note, 50% if weight is quite a lot on the 320, which does not glide like an A330 for instance.
Just my two cents.

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Haha, forgot about my own topic…
This is why I haven’t flown it in a while so I’ve forgotten. APPR should be better on other planes.

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I had the same problem. I installed the app again and deactivated the power-save mode of IF - since then everything is normal

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