Anybody know of any aviation-related summer camps?

Wanna actually do something for the summer :P

You can go to Hot Air Balloon Camp ;)


Google seems to


The world is a big place. If you don’t put information in your post about where and what dates how are we supposed to find anything?
Also, as Tim said, use google. Find a camp you want to attend.

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EAA host one at Oshkosh every year!


Based on the information you gave us, I know there’s a Museum of Flight aviation camp in Seattle ;)

DISCLAIMER: K-9th only.


Just Oshkosh would be like the highlights of my LIFE…

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I recommend Embry Riddle Summer Camp in Daytona Beach. They have several camp sessions. Pretty great camp! Ages 12-17. There is also a camp in Dayton Ohio that’s pretty cool.

I applied to this one and got in.

I did that one last year. First aircraft I ever flew

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oh my goodness i would love,love that so,so,so much…but sadly it wont happen because its in ohio :(

Make sure to apply next year. The application period for this year closed a looooong time ago.

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