Anybody know if I can connect Logitech Flight Yoke to Infinite Flight on PC?

Hi, I purchased Logitech Flight Yoke and I’m wondering if it will work on Infinite Flight if I’m using IF on computer.

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that tutorial seems to be for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, but I was wondering if it is possible to connect Logitech Flight Yoke to Infinite Flight while it is installed on PC.

Thanks for trying to help though! :)

Give this a shot

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Doesn’t seem to be info if it will work while Infinite Flight is being played on PC and not on mobile. Thanks for help though.

Infinite Flight is only available for Android & iOS, not PC :)

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Can be with BlueStacks 🤷

IF does not provide support on BlueStacks. Any issues you have with it through BlueStacks is your own to deal with.

If you have a laptop or a PC, you can download Map Connect which allows to connect your joystick or yoke through wifi into IF while you have your joystick/yoke connected to the laptop/PC. I use it with my Logitech 3D Pro joystick and it works perfectly fine. I’ve been using it for months now without issue. I’m sure it’ll work with your yoke as well.