Anybody know him?

Hey guys. I don’t even know if it is allowed" to ask things like that in here. 🙈
Today is the 11. of January and I just flew a flight from Stuttgart, Germany(EDDS) to Ibiza, Spain(LEIB). I was flying an A330-300 from Lufthansa. On the way I changed my plans and set my destination to Palms de Mallorca, Spain(LEPA) because I saw an A340-600 from Lufthansa being on the way to this airport. I went close and we were flying about half an hour in “formation”. He landed directly after me. That was around 9:15 pm. I just wanted to ask if anybody knows him. I guess it could be fun to fly with him some more. His ingame name was Captain Bob. He was on grade 3 and his callsign was Lufthansa 1942.
Hope someone can help me.



Where you on expert server while this happened?


It was the casual server. Forgot to mention it in the post.

Well, people can troll on casual server, so there is nothing you can do about it. I also searched him up and he isn’t on the forum.

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@Aviator_Airbus he wasn’t a troll, @NormalPilot wanted to fly with him again

@NormalPilot chances are he isn’t on the forum, but it is nice to hear about people flying together instead of trolling people!


I did some searching on my end, no luck. Sorry. But its nice to hear about positive experiences.


I’m quite new to the game(but a pretty experienced flight sim pilot😁). What do you mean with trolling?

Typically people will post messages to complain that pilots are flying through other planes or being annoying.


Oh ok. So it might not the best idea if I do it again and fly near other planets in the future? I don’t want to get complains. Just wanted to have a little fun and get some nice pictures. 😅🙈

Even though you didn’t find your online friend, hopefully you will stick around the forum :)

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Why not. It looks like there are very nice people here. 😁


Don’t sweat. Hopefully they show up. Stick around the forum though, he might join soon!

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I’ll sum this all up for you cause I think you are a bit confused
@Aviator_Airbus thought you were making a complaint about somebody trolling even though you weren’t. You arent in any trouble. In fact, we are happy to see this!
As it has been said above, stick around and maybe one day he will join!

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Definitely true, I’ve learned quite a bit from my time here.

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Uhh now I understand. Oops. No. If there was someone trolling someone it was me. But I just wanted to have some fun and didn’t even think about it could be annoying to him if I join him that close.

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No, it’s fine, we are happy that you and someone else could have a flight together, we didn’t think you were annoying :)

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I hope that Captain Bob thinks like that too. 🙈😅

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Funny Story, i used to fly by the name of Captain Bob, as in Bob the Minion, but i changed it. Last time i flew it was 7 days ago.

This is a guess from me I could be wrong but he’s from Germany which could be a giveaway why he’s flying the A340 into Mallorca but i think this is the guy you are flying with. :) @Bob_Robert

Try to post in the Infinite Flight fan group in Facebook maybe he is in it