Anybody here working in Flight Operations?

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to ask whether anybody in the community is working specifically in flight operations (by that I mean, flight/ground coordinators etc., not pilots).

The reason I ask is that I’ve recently graduated from university (albeit with a law degree), but I’d love to make some sort of move into the aviation industry.

I’d love to hear from members who have a role in flight operations management, whether it’s ground operations, air operations or anything in between. What does your role entail? What skills do you think you need for your role? Do you have any advice for anyone trying to get their foot in the door?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Most notably, @AdamCallow is a aircraft dispatcher in the Man Isle (Isle of Man). Awesome person to talk to and maybe he can help you out with answering some questions


Use to do Flight Ops and Dispatching in the US


Thanks guys I appreciate it.

@RotorGuy Would you mind if I sent over a pm with a couple of Qs about the role?

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Go ahead and send if!

@Jackclarke825… MaxSez: Don’t waste that law degree. Specialize in Aviation Law either International or Domestic. You’ll learn more about Flight OP’s in a suit instead of dirty hands and utter tedium.
Airport Ops, Dispatch, Ramp Dog, pushing tin, flyin right seat.
Been there, done that, stick with the law, buy an airplane and thank the drones that keeepum flyin.
Good Luck. Max

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