Anybody free for some ATC training?

Going online for abit and just wondering if anyone is willing to teach me some stuff!

Steven :)

You doing ATC somewhere ?

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@anon66442947 yeah I will be on Los angles centre at the minute

on the way to KLAX ,i just transit on palm spring then il contact you since departure from palm spring
callsgin: indonesia 986

where are you ??

I landed at Lax a little while ago. Have to get ready for work now. Will fly later when I get a chance . Sorry I missed you.
// Senior Controller

If you want practice for advanced then try to stay on ground and or tower. Center is the last worry ;)

I presume you want to get on advanced atc thats why your post right…?

@Aernout yeah ideally! I have basic knowledge of ATC procedures but no where near ready for the test! 11,000 xp so far so not far off being able to fly on advanced, can’t wait!

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