Anybody else’s app crashing during descent?

I.f crashes when I’m trying to land that’s twice now in a row it’s happened

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Can you please give us some more info, such as update info on IF, system software info, and when and where exactly it happened?

Hey man! Just a good habit to make is to check your WiFi connection, and if your device is up-to-par. If nothing seems to be working, force-reboot or reboot your phone and try again. As @Butter_Boi said, some info would be nice.

First off, what device are you on?
Second, what are your graphics settings set to in the sim?

Typically when the app force quits like that it is due to a constraint on device resources. Try it again with lowered graphics settings. (After you reply we may see a more obvious setting that could help like Anti Aliasing)

When all else fails you can always uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight from the app store. Remember to back up any replays you don’t wish to lose as the uninstall will remove any un-exported replays. Reinstalling may actually not help if it is a settings issue. It may delay it from happening but if the root cause is constraints uninstalling may be more of a temporary solution to narrow things down.

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Where are you descending into if it’s a busy airspace like Lax or LHR you might wanna put your plane count to low just a suggestion