Anybody else having trouble connecting on the expert server?

Im at VHHH…looks like server playing around bit.

Yes, it appears the server is acting up. Both controllers had to disconnect, as well as myself at UUEE.

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Yeah… we got exactly 7 aircraft in the air… oof

Yeah, I was disconnected for about 5 minutes then I got connected again. I am over the ocean near UHPP

Probably a server crash.

Edit: we got atc at Hong Kong. Yay!

Still having issues? I was able to load in just fine and see other aircraft.

I had this issue too even data thought my internet went down at the same time

No issues on my end. Still showing all green

Okie dokie. Sounds like the issue might have resolved itself. I’ve pinged a developer in the meantime to check to see if anything fishy is going on. 🙂Thanks guys!


Thanks Deer!

Appreciate the help, thanks deer

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