Anybody else at KNUC right now on Playground?

its nuts right here. Departure is around 10 planes long. Ill post photos later good job Benny87654321 for towering all of this


It was the same at San Diego earlier. Good luck to ground and tower

Thank you. I know the line was long but it was because of the 8+ aircraft inbound at the same time. If approach wasn’t online I don’t think I would have been able too handle all of you guys lol. I tried my best and I know I’m not the best but I also know I’m good at controlling. The reason for all the chaos is that some planes weren’t following instructions and taking off without permission. Many of the aircraft were also spamming me with take off requests when they weren’t even at the hold short line. Another thing I have to complain about is that when I tell people to expedite when editing the runway, they took their time and it slowed down outbound traffic by a lot. My biggest complaint are be people that landed on runway 09 when I told them to go around multiple times but, still decided to land anyway. However, Playground is playground so I shouldn’t be surprised tbh. In sorry for all the complaining but, I hope you enjoyed your flight and sorry for the big flight delay.


I hate when aircraft land on the wrong direction of the runway and mess up the sequence, but nothing wet can do about it

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Honestly, you did a great job controlling that crowed and it was some of the best controlling I have ever seen. Hats off to you

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Thank you very much for your feedback. It would have been a nicer experience if everything went smothly regarding the pilots listening to instructions but, nothing ever goes totally smoothly so it’s ok.

Siberian 100 is so funny on playground im sorry spam and your welcome spam

Only 3 reports and a user will be disconnected.


I try not to report people because they might be new and not know the rules of ATC or runway numbering, plus it takes too much time to report them when you have 5 plus aircrafts asking for take off.

I tried reporting someone because of their callsign but after 10 it didn’t do anything

But if you don’t report then they won’t know they’ve done anything wrong in that situation. Report them so they can learn from their mistakes. That way they won’t be confined to the playground server if they mature.