Anybody coding a crew center?

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone was coding a crew center and is there a final html I can copy?
And also what website is used to code the crew center?

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Hey mate! Follow this great tutorial series by @KaiM for help with making a crew centre!


Hello, I’m sorry I tried it doesn’t work @Ash_Rand

There is no way to make a working crewcenter with only HTML, you also need a backend language and a database. So it is not like you just copy some html and you have a working crewcenter

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Star alliance need one, you need to be really good at coding HTML. If you’re interested contact @ran he recruit me in.

Have a great day/night

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As mentioned, you can’t make a CC in HTML. It just doesn’t work like that. The tutorials mentioned by @Ash_Rand do work, but only if you follow them to every last detail. DM me if you really get stuck. Otherwise I believe @anon41771314 will make you one for a fairly small amount of money and a few others that will likely reply in the near future who have became very good at phpVMS thanks to those tutorials.

Hope this helps! If it doesn’t or you have any questions, my inbox is open.

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My services are free unless you plan on adding custom domains, a hosted website, etc.

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