Anybody at KNUC 0000-0030Z 29/04/16 Please Contact

I flew to KNUC from KLAX on 29/04/2016 and there was tower frequency active (not sure for ground) So I called inbound, but the tower ATC controller wasn’t responded to me JUST TO ME. And other aircrafts are all cleared to land in exception to me including an aircraft behind me. Even though I called final controller wasn’t responded at all that made me had to go around twice. After two times of go around because of no landing clearance I diverted to KSAN. P.S controller was made other aircraft on departing to hold short while I was 5 NM to the R 24 ( I already said on final.) But without landing clearance.

Please help to solve this case if you were at KNUC at the time in topic tittle.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

My call sign - All Nippon 148
Tower controller - Bob Bobberson (was active for 26 minutes or bit longer.
Screenshots- Unavailable due to error on community website. But I do have two.

Also please notify if the ATC sent any command to me via reply on this topic.

‘Did you hear my ATC command I sent to the tower controller?’

  • Yes
  • No
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P.S this post is not for just complaining nor notification. Aim is to investigate how others situation in terms of my horrible experience.

You were probably showing up as unknown to them in which case they can’t respond. I highly doubt they were just ignoring you. It happens all the time.

ummm, you partly right, but I contacted other frequency such as KLAX ground and tower and KNUC approach after that incident. And they were all responded

It usually only happens to one frequency so that’s not abnormal.

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If Advanced, you must have been ghosted. You probably left your device unattended while cruising and didn’t follow instructions. If Playground, well, no comment.

What server was this. This happens on PG all the time.

No I’m not, I was handling all the time even using auto pilot.
And it was PG.

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Yeah it was PG.

I was not there but sometimes as ATC there are planes that want communicate with me but I cannot talk to them. I click on the plane and my option list is empty. No way to send instructions. I don’t know why but I think that there is a bug on the system or server.

Yeah, I saw it sometimes, but isn’t it happens to all the frequency that “unknown” aircraft is contacted!? So I thought I just ignored by the controller by their mind. Which is quite dreadful

Yes, it’s a bug a some airports.

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