Any word on the update?

If this isn’t in the right place I’m sorry. Not very Forum Savvy LOL. I was just wondering when they think the new update might come out with the opening passenger doors and whatever else is in it?

The update is out whenever it’s ready. There won’t be a set date


It will come when it’s ready. We’ll know at the last second…

Can a developer or somebody chime in? I think it’s great that will finally have passenger doors opening, will make it way more realistic for me anyway.

You aren’t going to get a release date. As everyone has said, it will come when it will come. The main reason is because if the devs release a date and then run into issues, there will be major pushback from the community.

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With patience comes GREAT WORK
Just wait for it…it will be great :)

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An announcment will be made when a date is reached. Quality takes time to develop.