Any websites the change infinite flight experience?

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are there any websites that will make Infinite flight more easy? here are the ones I know


any more websites that will Change you infinite flight experience?

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I would add you can see airport information and what aircraft is allowed at that airport. You can get approach plates and terrain maps. I use it everyday

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Other than the ones you already know, I enjoy using,,, and LiveFlight. is fun if you want to fly some really windy patterns or if you’d like to fly above a headwind, etc. for all things IFATC. It displays online frequencies, global fights, flights by aircraft, airport plates, etc. for amazing write ups by the IFATCEG team, starring @Trio. Also for aircraft sizes, videos, screenshots, and more.

LiveFlight to track all live flights!


The user guide is amazing! I’m sure if you read it through you’ll find something you may of not known you could of done within your flight which can make it easier. There’s hundreds of tips and tricks! It’s not just how to communicate with ATC. :)


I would have to say LiveFlight, I use it during pretty much all of my flights

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Honestly, i think that websites ruin the experience. I prefer using none.

Why, if your comfortable answering? @Key

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There are so many thing you have to do. I may just be lazy though. I prefer everything just in the cockpit. Much simpler, easier, and quicker.


makes sense

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That’s ok! I like using Simbrief for route planning and occasionally windy to check winds on long flights.

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Not a website but a app. IF-Assistant, with it’s realistic functions, changes your whole experience on Infinite Flight! :)


I don’t have a specific website per se to recommend in addition to those already listed but any website that will give you access to airport charts (SID, STAR, IAP, AD,…) will considerably extend the scope of aerospace knowledge and variety of experiences you may encounter using IF.

I usually google “charts ICAO” and pull the most recent chart. You could also take a sub like nav data pro to enhance the experience.

But as said in previous responses, SimBrief is definitely the first major step to explore new aventures in IF.

I also use flight aware to make sure I park at the actual gate where the real flight pushes back from.

I hope this helps.

Another website that is great is . It calculates your fuel for you. Here’s a tip, if you’re flying to a not so busy airport, follow fuelplanner’s recommendation and add abit to it. If you’re flying to a busy airport, follow the simbrief fuel recommendation and add abit.

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You can also try to use to truck your flight.

Our Subscription is cheaper than Live Flight. You can find your flight’s Altitude and speed graph and Local weather.

We have many maps to improve your flights experience such as satellite map, cloud map.

We have iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS app. You can download iOS app in App store and others is here

Enjoy your flight!


In these pandemic times it can be difficult to find real-life flights (using FlightAware for example).
This blog article helps a lot:

List where we can find real-life flights if you want to replicate flying on IF and improve your flying experience.

I particularly recommend FlightMapper but check the blog for other flight sites.

It’s on apple store this app

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