Any ways to stabilise IF live B/G connection on android?


A lot of us log on to IF Live using our one and only device, and fly for a duration of time - anytime we want. During these times, whether be it in the morning, lunch time, work hours, after hours, midnight, we all got families and work colleagues to answer to at random times - any time they wanted to contact us.

Each time I swipe to answer messages such as Whatsapp for about 10 seconds, the connection goes off and on again when returning to IF screen. Now that’s okay, but a bit more than that say 20 seconds, I will then get disconnected for good from my flights, making the rest of the way a bland solo experience with that dreaded red exclamation circle on top right.

This happens daily and I am now quite an anti-social person whenever I fly - particularly on longer flights, just to protect my live connection and it’s becoming a one-sided, unproductive balance for me (yeah I know this part sounds ridiculous, lol).

Does anyone know if there is something I might be missing in any settings? So that at least IF Live would want to hold on just a tad bit longer whenever it’s thrown into the background? I know all other apps in my mobile do not disconnect at all whenever multi-tasking is involved.

Any insights or help would be much appreciated, thanking you for your time and have a great week!

Info: Running android version 7.1.1 NMF26F, Octa-core Max 2.00GHz, 4GB RAM with plenty of 4G mobile data and wifi connection.

Infinite Flight does not support multi-tasking. If you receive a phone call or need to open another app, Infinite Flight will pause. After so long it will disconnect but your flight is still in progress.

However when you return to Infinite Flight it may take a few seconds for the connection to reestablish but it should.

There are no settings to control the timeout and every device is different how it handles these situations.


Thank you for your prompt reply Chris, so the pausing part I’m good, but are you saying that it should have re-established connection, even say, after 1 minute (or more) of being paused in the background?

Yes. The live server connection in the top corner should turn green after some time to reconnect. It may be slower if you are on cellular than WIFI and also depends on how strong your signal is and what other background apps are using network bandwidth. (IE streaming music)

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I see, okay thank you so much for this info!

You mean it doesn’t support multitask in android? Bcos I can do multitask in my IPad, iOS12

Yes. Apple and Androids are different.

Also multi-window and multi-task are two different things. Even on your ipad if you minimize the sim it will pause.

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As alternative for Whatsapp, I use Whatsapp Web on my laptop. It works really well and you don’t have to pause IF or so

Sorry in technical world using multi windows same time is called multi tasking. If you minimise window the app running in the background.

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