Any way to turn off the automatic Downloading of planes?

So I noticed that because I have the subscription the app keeps randomly downloading the planes wich gobbles up my storage, any way to turn that off so that it will only download a plane when I click on it and ask it to download one?


Im not too sure about this but for me I have to install them manually. I only have like 4 on my phone due to storage issues.


I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I never have automatic downloads anymore from pressing that 3rd one:)

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Idk maybe it was just me and I subconciously downloaded them, Who knows

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I believe this is probably because if you encounter an aircraft in Live that isn’t downloaded on your device, the plane will be downloaded so you can view it in the game.

Be sure to check your settings. Please tell us if this problem persists.

That toggles the name tag of other planes on live, that is why it is on the live tab.

It has nothing to do with the automatic plane downloading. Speaking of which, I have never had anything automatically download.

It happens the same to me. I have checked the Live settings in Settings and it looks everything like the screenshot posted a few posts above.

I don’t know why does it happen but I hope there is a solution because it keeps eating all my storage and in a 16 GB iPhone, this can be really annoying.

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I agree with you. If I’m connected to WiFi planes randomly download but if I’m not then they won’t it chews up so much storage bc of this wish we had a way to get rid of that.