Any way to revert to an older version?

I want to fly long route flights (to build up XP and flight time) but the iPhone 7 Plus that I’m currently using is also necessary for other things in my life, so I need something else to do it. The only other device I have is the iPad mini 2, which is almost 7 years old now and came out back in 2013. I would try to use it, but it simply isn’t powerful enough to run the game. The IF app almost instantly crashes the second you try to run it.

Is there a way to revert back on an older version of the game more suited for older devices? If so, which version?

As far as I’m concerned there isn’t. Some time after a major release you would start to only get unskipable update popups

You cannot revert back to a old version once you’ve installed a new one. Since the iPad Mini 2 is old, I recommend getting a newer device to run IF. What you can do though, is adjust your settings and follow these tips and tricks here:

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Also, @ schyllberg made a post at one stage (I can’t find it) stating that older versions will cease to work a short time after a new version is released.

This isn’t completely true @Patrick_McCormack . I remember @RTG113 was at one point able to get a pre-global version to work, but the only reason he was able to, was because he never updated it. He was able to fly, but the servers were empty.

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Same with @Robertine . He pulled out a very very very old iPod running a pre-multilayer version and he was able to fly about.


Because of the nature of the changes with 20.2, prior versions will not work as it will cause problems connecting.

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Sorry @bcc.123, I forgot to add that Schyllberg’s post was related to the 20.2 update.

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Ahh ok I understand. My bad🙃

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No, not your fault, my own. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Just to clarify:

Pre-Global versions probably works for Solo, since all of that is local.
With Global, we started to stream our terrain for example. This creates a whole different situation.

The reason we generally need to kill previous versions now (like we did with 20.1 a few days after 20.2 was out) is because there’s so much changes being done in the infrastructure, it’s a necessity.

20.2 was probably one of the biggest changes we’ve made server side, in a veeery long time.


hehe I was finnaly able to complete the space shuttle landing mission after 8 years :P

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Interesting to hear and completely makes sense. Out of curiosity are these servers that Infinite Flight owns completely and therefore tweaks constantly, or are they contracted out so updates generally focus on communications and data transfer between the app and servers? I’m mainly just curious as to the nature of server updates and what they mean for end users!

Hello, I have infinite flight on my iPad mini 1(yes I have the realistic water). I never updated it and I let the iPad sit a while without it being used. The IF app works for me in single-player but global stopped working a long time ago. For me it’s not even letting me download anything from the AppStore. I had no choice but to buy the newer iPad.

Here is a photo.
At a certain point I was unable to update

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