Any way to play on PC?

Hey guys!
I love playing on my iPhone and iPad but we always need something better. I have seen people playing on Android emulators. But since i have been playing on IOS with subscription i dont want to start a whole new ID. So is there anyway to emulate IOS so that i can log in with my Apple ID and play IF with my current IF id?

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you could airplay your ipad to the tv…

I don’t have a mac, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I imagine you could use the X-Code simulator to emulate iOS on a mac. I am not sure if it supports the app store and stuff like that though.

If you have Windows then your only option as far as I know is setting up a virtual machine running macOS and doing what I described above


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Ya but i need to have Apple TV to do that…

I dont have a mac too. I was asking abt windows.

See my updated post above ;)

If you need help setting up a VM you can PM me.

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Bluestack is a Android emulation for windows. There was a thread mentioning it in the past few weeks.

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The OP specifically asked about emulating iOS

Sorry missed that part, so the answere is: no way as far as I know.

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Download one of those mirroring apps. I advice against doing this though as it is much harder since you need to use your mouse to click on everything. If you want to use a joystick / yoke, just use liveflight connect.

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