Any way to fly to LEVC?

I bought the game two days ago, and I didn’t know that there were limited regions unless I pay a subscription. I would just like to fly once from UUEE to LEVC, idk it’s a flight I would like to perform. Is there any way I could? Could anyone let me an account or something?

Anyways, I don’t regret about my purchase, this is a great game, but I don’t like subscription payments like this or like PS Plus, I would rather pay like 15€ once with only Fly solo (global) option, that don’t really need servers and so I could also help developers which are making this great game.


You could probably just pay the subscription for 1 month (then cancel after paying). I pay monthly at a rate of 9.99 USD which is about 8.82 Euro I believe. If you just want to fly once and are willing to pay 15 euro for it, why not just buy one month’s subscription? And then you’ll get to fly for a whole month!

For the record, you will always need a server. Your device cannot store the world in data haha


15€ just won’t cover it. You’re not only paying for the servers. You’re paying for the satellite imagery and the topographic data which is being streamed to your device (via a server, btw.). You’re paying for the airplanes and the constant development and last but not least, after covering all costs the devs still need to eat. 😊


Hello Aleksey,
Unfortuantly, you will have to pay for a subscription as this:

Is against the TOS and can get your account suspended.

Best regards,

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It’s really expensive to operate the Global servers, @aleksey99

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Hey Алексей! If you want to talk on russian, please PM me. I know a lot about this game and can tell you some basics 😁


I feel you used to just play the free version without global as well but I risked my lunch money lol and kept on buying 1 month for 9.99 it’s not that much and it’s definitley worth it this game is the best Mobile Flight sim lol if I die of starvation FDS will be to blame for how good this game is I can’t resist playing it 😂😂😂😂😂

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Okay, thank you everyone! I’ll pay a subscription of a month and I’ll try to take as much advantage of it as I can.

Fly safe!

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