Any way to appeal violations?

I’m new to the game, is there any way appeal violations? I had accidentally left the game on and I racked up 7 of them and now I am grade 1


Not really unless it was a defect in the app. It happens to all of us… Just be patient and access will be restored.


In the past 7 days, I have got 2 violations. Just grit your teeth and get on with them. Unless it’s an app problem. No reversing.

Also, welcome to the Infinite flight Community.

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Enjoy your time😁

@Spaulding. MaxSez: Welcome to the club. Not to worry in a week the Violations will archive and you’ll get your rightfully earned grade back. I’ve got thousands of hours and millions of XP and I’m now Grade 2. I had the the same Violations you had. I trusted the AutoPilot and fell asleep on a cross county, 4 Overspeed before the IF Assistant Warning, roused myself and recovered a spin and saved the flight. Violations and Ghosts are good things, consider them learning experience. Grades have no meaning. It’s individual skill that counts.


Thank you all, I understand now. I’ll wait


Only hand-flying for you from now on Max.
Spitfire it is.

Take care old friend 😊