Any way I can change the QNH on the C172?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if I can change the QNH on the C172? I know I can get AGL in the bottom bar, however I can’t quickly reference to that.

The reason I would like this is because when doing circuits at my local field, I want to know when to start the turn, when to level off, if I’m at the right height on base, etc.


Nope, as far as I know you can’t do that yet. AGL in the widget bar is your only option here.

Does sound like a good feature suggestion though.


You should be using your actual altimeter for stuff like that, you know the altitude of your field. The real birds do not have an AGL indicator standard like an airliner.

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Yep am afraid we have on,y got the AGL as an option! Keeps your eyes focused!

Yep, but at my field we set the altimeter to the QNH usually around 1015.


Awesome, thank you! Hoping the add this, especially as it looks like they are adding more GA aircraft.

Thanks :)

Correct, but you know the altitude of your field from published charts. We don’t have to worry about pressure right now in IF.

Setting it would make it a lot easier to do circuits and not have to take away 324 feet every few seconds. :)

I’m just requesting a feature that would allow us to set the pressure for the field, especially when only doing local flights.

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Your pressure is standard pressure in the game, your altitude displayed should be the actual ft above sealevel

Why you are basically saying is no matter what the pressure is in real life, the field elavation in game will always be the same as it is in real life

Right now to my knowledge, we don’t have pressure and temp changing altitudes because we do not have controls to adjust it, or it’s all being done behind the scenes.


So the correct field elevation should be shown no matter what the pressure is in game (standard)

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Correct, or a lot of people would have complained already that things do not match up with minimums etc.


300 is good enough, Not like 24 ft matter

You’ve never done a Cat 3B no DH IMC 75m autoland then! :D

(just kidding!)


Lel, but for Visual patterns, 24 ft won’t killl ya. Kick the rudder to one side, angle your wing down on the other and watch that bird sink

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I think most schools would frown at sideslip approaches but I know what you mean. ;)


There ya go! You know what I mean. Kinda surprised. I really like those

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