Any virtual airlines?

Hi, im new in here, and i would like to join on a virtual airline. Who can Tell me what i have to do or talk to?

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Go check this out! I think that will help

Head over to the #live:va category and you will see many. Make sure you meat requirements before applying!

Breeze Virtual is a good one 😉!

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Welcome to IF the community welcomes you 😊 if there is a airline you like then there is probably a VA associated with them

here is the link to all the VA that IF has to offer

here are a few that you may like to join

Delta VA
FedEx VA
United VA
Alaska VA
Breeze VA
New Zealand VA
Qantas VA
Lufty VA
Air France VA
American VA
and many more


Here are the ones I highly recommend
Alaska Virtual
United virtual
American Virtual
Aeromexico Virtual
Air Canada Virtual

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Thanks. I want to join United virtual but the site does not work.
By the way. Theres any problem if i am grade 2 on IF to get in on an VA?

There are many Virtual Airlines which allow Grade 2 users to join, which you can find on the website by using the filters. As a matter of fact, i’m pretty sure you can join United Virtual as Grade 2

Thanks You

TAP Virtual seems nice for grade 2