Any versions of ATC manual that is availiable in China?

Thank for telling me if you know versions of ATC manual that is availiable in China.



It is available for all via here:


I don’t have a VPN while drive. google,com needs one to work in China. :(

I am also a Chinese,I live in Zhejiang, infinite Flight is a professional simulator game for the world. Most of the people in the world can use English. And all of the IF ATC instructions use English.Chinese isn’t available. You must know thraslate ATC manual is a hard work. And welcome to the community! @AlexYe

Hey, Alex.

I’m an IFATC living in Shanghai. I’ve put the public version of ATC Manual on Baidu NetDisk. See if this works 😉

链接: 提取码:86A9

I assume that you read Chinese :)


thank you very much


That’s sweet bro! The major problem for Chinese users is that they can’t access those pages without a reliable VPN. Baidu NetDisk is a great method to relay those document to China,

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Welcome to the community!

It would be appreciated to not respond to posts from a while back, especially if it is not of the greatest importance. However, you are new to the IFC, so no worries at all whatsoever.

I suggest checking out these resources to help you get started here:

Once again, welcome, and see you around!

All right. I will check the post time of a topic before responding to it next time. Thanks a lot.

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