Any VAs that have little application times right now

Watching a CEO promote their own VA is… Dare I say, almost desperate?

It’s always good to try and make your own choices, rather than what other people try and convince you is best. You’ve got nothing to lose by exploring different opportunities.


Used to lol

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I recently applied and joined BAVA, from the time from me submitting my application to them replying it had been around 20 hours, and two days from the time I submitted my application, I was part of the VA. Strongly recommend.

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I believe @Plane-Train-TV’s response is on spot:

@A10f4ang - some times, VAa / VOs receive too many applications at once and it’s hard for them to respond in a timely manner. Should you not receive a message within the first 48 hours, shoot them a message. Yet not luck? Message @IFVARB and we will get in contact with the CEO.

In regards to the VA / VO advertisement I witnessed above, all I can say is that it is just not allowed. 🤭


MHVA has the fastest response, I applied 5hrs ago and they responded in, like 2hrs! Highly recommend applying between 2300Z - 1200Z as that is around when LordWizrak is awake.