Any VA staff positions available?

Hi guys. I have a quick question. Does any VA have staff positions open that I could look at?

Take a look in #live:va, some VA’s have staff applications on their thread, or recent posts in the thread below, thanks!

Please note you can only be staff at 1 VA/VO only.

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Ah I see. Thanks. I thought that you could be staff at more than one. Will I flag it

A little while ago it was two, but IFVARB changed it to one so people can devote themselves to that position.

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Ya that’s a better idea

IFVARB now has staff recruiting page on their website!


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Thanks guys for all of your help but I didn’t realise that you could only be a staff member at one VA. I am already the cheif pilot at FRVA. Thanks for all of the suggestions though

Thanks everyone