Any Username Ideas?

User name ideas for the game please?

Show off your support for the community and gain the occasional spot with classic

IFC - PilotCSG


You could also use DLVA - PilotCSG, although I prefer and use the clean IFC like Alex said!

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It’s best to resemble your IFC name, so that you can be contacted if need be.

Putting IFC in front of your name isn’t much to brag about, however. I’ve always found it easier to just stick with a clean “PilotCSG”.

Of course, some VO’s will require you put their “Code” in your name.

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You can add something fun

pull up to descend, chemtrail nominal or something like main gear collapsed

It can be whatever you want (appropriate of course)


I agree with @anon79257371 that is what mine is currently im hoping to get on the Community members spotted soon C:


Thank you guys! I’ve now changed it to IFC-PilotCSG, Yall can spot me whenever I’m flying with that calling! :)