Any Updates on Project Metal/Vulcan?

I’m just wondering if there’s any updates to “Project Metal “(Vulcan)?


Here’s something recent (ish) said by a staff member on Project Metal: Project Metal - #2 by Cameron

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So it’s a “non-answer” answer


That’s how it works, if you want a more detailed answer either go digging around to see what you can find and/or maybe message a staff member to ask and see if you can get more info. For example, Cameron says in his bio that “Feel free to drop me a message with any Infinite Flight development questions in English or Spanish!” meaning he’s open to questions. So you could, though it probably won’t give much new information (or a reply), though personally I don’t see the harm in trying if they are open to questions in their PM.

I’ve heard other people that have contacted him and his response has been either being belittled, chastised or just be thankful you get what you got

I’m sorry to hear that, it might have something to do with how many questions they receive each and every day (and getting fed up of it), but I can’t really comment upon what happened though since I don’t know, though my point was it’s another option, let’s try not to veer this off topic

Maybe, but this is what a vacuum and one direction of information looks like; my opinion … ugh, my apple watch is telling me to stand

At the end of the day, it’s their choice when they want to release more info. In their defense, they probably don’t want to show/say something about something that still has a long time to go and it not being exciting to a lot of people. It’s like how there’s always new WIPs of aircraft and stuff, but the stuff going on in the background like Project Metal and the overhauling of multiplayer, which are arguably more important, seem to get a lot less attention and hype, but they are very long term, Just guesses though, I can’t say for certain what their strategy is, but again at the end of the day it’s their choice on how they want to release info


This still applies:

We’re not sharing in detail for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s boring to anyone who doesn’t understand low-level graphics and game development, which I’d venture is most of the community. Second, if we hype it up and make it seem like some miracle solution to everything, then when it ships and it just improves performance you’d all be pretty disappointed and underwhelmed. While it does allow for some cool features in the future, we’re not going to put “added xyz because of project metal” in the release notes - it’s just unnecessary clutter. And we don’t want to be specific on those features either because we can’t promise that they’ll be a priority even after metal is “released” (which is not a clearly defined thing anyway, it’s very incremental).


So does that mean y’all are working on it or not? And if yes do you mean sometime around 2032

Read Kai’s answer again carefully, as well as the other reply he referenced. He answered that question already 🙂

It’s not one single update, as we’ve explained in the past. Bits & pieces of it are being integrated in the app constantly. Get it?

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Considering how much behind-the-scenes work goes on, and the massive improvements we’ve seen this year, I think we can expect the same to happen in 2023 and see features that we all love to be improved.

Project Metal is also coming out in many bits and pieces behind the scenes whether we see it or not in the app function, and how well it has come together.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future years!

To add on, since they are adding it in bits, it’s sort of like a puzzle, you got to make sure each bit works and make sure it can fit into its place in some way.

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