Any update to the 787 family?

Hi everyone!

After the 777-200ER update, will we be seeing an update on the 787’s? This just randomly popped in my head, and it got me wondering.



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Hey there!

The devs will be announcing when they will be doing each aircraft. There is a #features request you can vote for here.

Let us know if you need anything else!

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It’s right here for you to place a vote on it.

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Thanks, I would love to vote for an update to that line of aircraft.

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I don’t believe developers have mentioned a 787 update. It would be cool though!

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I was just wondering this myself . Been flying with the B789 lately and would love to see a rework on it .

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Go ahead and vote for the feature request that’s been linked above! Best way to show your support 😊