Any upcoming military events

I was wondering if there’s any military events coming up so that i could take part

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keep your eyes open. if you want to receive an active notification notifications in “tracking”

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Keep an eye on the events category!

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You would want to check the #live:events category for any planned events! The #live:groupflights category is for a more relaxed flight, that normally occurs at most 3 hours after it’s posted. Those are your best bets. You also may be able to join military oriented VAs such as IFAEGAF (Global Air Forces) and Team Dynamx. You can find more about them in the VA Database.

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You can join my event. It’s not military but it is a military airport and I can add gates for you.

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Hey man,

Just keep an eye on the Events Category. Maybe get notifications for news threads as well. I know @morgan99 does some good ones from time to time and there is a massive one thats happening in the summer that i think the community will find out about soon.

If you like to do Military flying regularely and want to participate in missions etc then you could join a miitary VA such as IAV.

Also you could always work yourself up to TL2 as well so you can make tour own events. As long as its well prosented and proffesional and at a good time and interests them then you’ll get people. The more original the better as well.

And for getting TL2 just keep replying to posts, making productive threads and coming on as often as you can.

Hope this helps,



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