Any tips on jet lag?

Hey there guys, so, I’ve been traveling a lot in the last few days, Started off in Johannesburg, then to Doha, Then to London, and currently inflight from London to Perth. (QF-10, you guessed it)
As you can expect, Jetlag has been killing me. I can’t sleep or anything, when I watch TV my eyes just get sore. Luckily I’m in Business class, so there’s a lot of space. But I would appreciate any tips on jetlag that you guys may have, because the internet isn’t helping.


Trying to sleep on planes sometimes help. You don’t have to though. Usually when I get off the plane I sleep also. So yeah. One word. Sleep. Even if it’s hard.


Maybe take some pills to help you sleep? Sleeping helped me the first time I was on the East Coast (3hr time difference), and it may be different because of how many different time zones you’ve experienced, but that’s what’s helped me.

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Sleeping on the plane to get yourself used to the timezones will help.

Drink plenty of water, that will help too. Long flights and the dry air will dehydrate you and make the time change harder.


Someone told me that going for a short stroll around the plane can also help, Don’t know if this is true.

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That’s helping you stretch your legs but I guess that kinda helps with jetlag…?


Not always possible, but I try to time my arrival at my hotel/home for as near to the end of the day as possible, and then just power on through during the journey. Being so exhausted that you just pass out when you make it into a proper bed at your end destination and a bedtimeish hour of the day tends to kick your body clock onto the new time zone quite quickly.

Try and time your sleep right. When I eventually go on my planned trip to Sydney, I’ll be taking a flight that leaves late evening, landing in Sydney around mid-morning. Going to sleep at the right time on that flight should hopefully help with jet-lag.

I have a flight from perth to Sydney an hour after I land. It should be late afternoon by the time I get there. I’ll catch some sleep in the hotel room before I head out to get some dinner.

Pretty easy, check your arrival time.

If your arrivial time is in the morning, try to sleep as much as possible on the plane.

If your arrivial time is in the evening/night, you should stay up as long as possible. Once you are at your hotel/home, you can sleep well.

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You’re probably sick and tired haha, ok bad pun, but the key to helping reduce the groggy-lethargic feeling is to get rest and stay hydrated. You won’t be able to completely avoid the jet-lag but drinking water will help you from getting head aches or muscle cramps. Also be sure to move about the cabin too keep the blood circulating.

You’ve probably heard all these tips, but I thought I’d just mention it again.
And hey at least you’re on business. I don’t even want to imagine how the person in the last row of economy sitting next to a crying baby is feeling right now… yikes.

Safe travels

There is loads of videos on YouTube telling what the best thing to help jet lag



Melatonin works best!


I would suggest when you get on the plane, pretend that you are in your destination’s time zone. Even if you feel sleepy, but your destination’s time zone is in the day, force yourself not to sleep on the plane. If it is nighttime at your destination, try and force yourself to sleep.

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The power of caffeine has not failed me yet.

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Don’t start with pills. That’s nonsense. I’d only use them if nothing else is working.

Try to sleep on the plane. Order a camomile tea. That usually helps. Listen to some relaxing music as well. If you’re uncomfortable go for a little walk around the plane.

And most importantly:
When you’re in the hotel room and you wake up in the middle of the night, continue sleeping. Just try. Don’t get up at 5am.

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As mentioned: avoid pills.
There are many ways to deal with jetlag. You’ve see some already.

On the vertical trip, the time difference is minimal. The killer is in the lag to Perth.
QF10 arrives in Perth at 13:00 if I’m not mistaken.

So the trick is to make it through the afternoon and evening, so you can go to bed a local time.

I tip I often hear, and I do, is: go to bed, shortly after arrival and sleep for 1.5 - 2.5 hours.
After that you feel #&@!! but after a shower and a coffee (and a (light) dinner), you will recover and make it through the evening, and hopefully sleep. Before going to bed, go for a walk outside. When you wake up at a crazy time in the morning, have some water, and go back to bed.

Have a safe trip!


Well you’re in lie flat business so sleep!

Try and sleep close to what the actual time is in the country you are flying to. Your body’s “clock” can be tricked. It is how I managed my trip to Poland from Chicago. I slept “In” The timezone Poland was in starting a few daysbefore I left and I got synched right up with the timezone the day we landed. I did the same thing coming back to Chicago. Just changed my sleep time to “synch up” with the upcoming timezone.

However, seeing as you are traveling through multiple timezones in such a close time frame, you might not be able to do this, but even trying on the aircraft will help some.