Any tips on how to use AutoLand?

I just tried using AutoLand for the first time, after watching the tutorial (linked below). I Captain Crunch’ed it hard.

Does anyone have tips on how to butter it, using the APPR?

APPR doesn’t butter :)


I like to just fly it down to minimums and then butter it manually.

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i can vouch for that :) infact i only use APPR to line up with the rwy, then when i get called out at 500ft i dosconnect the A/P and land manually :) works every time


This is practically what i do as well. Works best.


So, APPR is a better tool for aligning, rather than actually getting on the ground?


It pretty much does everything for you. Just don’t come in at 180 knots. Slow to the aircraft approach/landing speed.

As the aircraft touches down, you may want to be in control of your rudder to stay centered of the runway.


That depends. It will get you where you need to be, within safe parameters.
But it won’t “butter” the landings.


okay, gotcha.



put it this way, my most buttery moment was with Aer lingus A333 at Edinbrough (idk how to spell) and i used APPR for alligning and when i got called out at 200 i disconnected everytging but the HDG and i buttered it soo smooooth and that was on my first night on the game

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yep, can sometimes get messy if not calibrated device 😅 done that earlier by mistake oops🤣

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Gotcha. Thanks for the tips everyone! Really appreciate the info!

No problem buddy! Happy flying 😊

I have very little time for long flights, or to be in the cockpit for a long time …

I stick to the CRJ-200 and 737-800, set up full STAR and Approach flight plan, only arrive on ILS equipped runways. When I get to roughly the IAF, I make sure the ILS pickup conditions are good, then switch to APPR, and let the A/P do 99 percent of the work.

I basically take over when it’s time to manage the rudder, reverse thrust, and brakes. Then I taxi to at least “clear of all runways”, and decide if I have time enough to park and shut down.

I’m sure many others are more professional.

Yeah, don’t use auto land! 😉

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No seriously. I use the APPR mode if I’m doing an ILS approach. But I do enjoy to manually fly the plane from time to time. What I do is depending on how I’m feeling when I hear the 1000 or 500 callout, I’ll calibrate the device and turn of A/P and fly it to the runway.

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In a way yes

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