Any tips on how to not smash your nose?

Make sure you learn to flare, which is pointing the nose slightly up upon landing, so the main landing gear touches down first, then slowly lower the nose down. I’ve flared so much that it has become natural for me, I don’t even have to think about it.


If it works, it works

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I’m not sure abt auto brakes since I really don’t like to use them. I’ve only used auto brake maybe once or twice and that’s on very special occasion that I’m multitasking or something else is going on in sim

Two things.

One: practice as many times as it takes to make the red arrow as short as possible at the moment your main gear touches (yellow arrow is the FPV; orange line is the horizon line)

With yellow hugging just below the orange line as main gear touches, your nose will not ever smash forward.

This is because yellow on orange is zero VS (too high a VS while slow slams the nose down.)

Two: Gently lower the nose before you run out of too much IAS (if IAS gets too low, you lose nose pitch control - the nose will just drop on its own).


I like this, thanks!

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useful piece of info!

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