Any tips on how to not smash your nose?

title says it. Thanks!

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try applying positive trim once your main gears touch ?

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i always add trim. it’s weird because it only happens on some aircraft’s. mainly the 737 series. every other plane is fine.

Take a look here, and you’ll find the speed, trim, flaps etc for your aircraft. It will also give you a recommended speed for the nose flare :)


Make sure to flare really well. The back wheels will hit first, and the trick is to very slowly bring down the nose gear. Ensure you have enough speed on touchdown.


With the a320 family and 737 family when landing if your spoilers are armed as soon as you touch down no matter the speed the nose will slam. I suggest arming the spoilers and reversing once nose gear is down.


I tend to find that not running into walls or tripping over is usually a good way to avoid smashing your nose.

Had a mate once try doing a double front flip and ended up smashing his knee into his nose. Avoid doing that.

Could also consider wearing a crash helmet, that should provide you with ample protection


Just don’t walk into any doors

oh wait…


Another tip, don’t forget the landing gear if you don’t wanna smash your nose!!! 😂


or add low autobrakes?

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When flaring, have the main gear touch down first, then gently let the nose down.

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maintain a suitable speed

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thats what i thought this was about lol

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It’s easy tbf

Land between 145 - 150 kts

Reduce thrust at 20ft

Hold the flare once main wheels are on ground

Gently lower nose while applying reverse thrust ( If you prefer without then that’s fine too)

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End the flight exactly when the main gear touchdown


😂😂😂 good one

I’ll close the cockpit door next time.


Ten char

@IF.Kaden, When hearing GPWS call out 30, you pull back until your FPV is just below the horizon line and reduce engine power to idle. make sure to calibrate before landing!

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Missing Landing gear vibes

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