Any tips on how to fly a 777 in IF?

Hey so for the past times I flew a 777 long haul, during landing the plane kinda went out of control and I crashed, which suuuuucks, especially after a flight like LAX to Hong Kong, But I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not the planes fault, I’m well aware that I probably just do not know how to land a 777, so do you guys have any tips, or should I just practice on Singleplayer?

I put this on general because it seems the most fitting, if you guys have a better catagory I should move this too, I’ll change it.

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Could you explain further please? Did you stall?

funny story, was kinda a mix of stalling and spinning out of control.

See when I went to bank to line up with the runway, the bank was perfect and stable, then I look away for one second to like idk what exaclty the reason but the bank starts to bank a little further, at this point I cannot bring the bank back to stable levels and my plane starts barrel rolling, I desperatly try to pull up to stop or tilt it in some way to stop, wich causes me to stall and, well I think you know what happens next, On the other occasion I didn’t even look away I literally just idk, went out of control some how

Did you calibrate your device before disconnecting AP?

Okay, it appears to me it’s a mix of too much banking and not knowing how to fixing it let me explain:

It is always a great idea to give more power when banking or else your airspeed will drop. If you are banking too much then use the rudder

Were you using “appr” and disconnected it?

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Let’s say you stalled. My stall-proof method is to keep the Angle of attack on or slightly above the horizon indicator (two flat lines) on the HUD with the ball right on the runway. That works at around 150 or 160kts. If it’s crosswinds, you need to use what I said earlier and some of that rudder. There are plenty of landing tutorials in the #tutorials section of the forum too.

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That could be it, APPR is really unstable

I don’t think the 777 has appr, does it? it was a while ago, why i’m only bringing this up now? don’t ask me but I usually prefer to land without appr because it feels like cheating

The APPR was added for the 777 a while ago and it’s very realistic to auto land.

see I would feel better about it if it werent for the community going out against people who appr XD

As I said a few posts ago, it is unstable and I am not pro for it

true well Appr was probably not the scource, I’ll take you’re advice into consideration and do some practice runs on singleplayer :)


It seems like you might have had a heavy cross wind. Regardless of how much you bank, rudders would have been most helpful like an above post stated. Also, rather than pitch all the way up, if you felt like you were losing control you could have pushed throttle up and executed go around.

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What exactly is happening?
Remember it is a fast and sleek plane which is tougher to slow down than other planes. I usually approach at 180 knots, and land around 145 knots - I decrease speed to 145 knots about 7nm from the runway and configure it for landing. So far it has worked for me; but especially watch the descent rate of the plane - 700fpm. Make sure you are only making small corrections in alignment and Vs once within 10nm from the runway.
Cut throttle to zero once you hear that the plane is about 30ft above ground.

Also - it is a long plane, so flare it gently upto 4 degrees or so, avoid anything more than that.


if you are a beginner, I recommend you use smaller planes and shorter routes it will help you get in the mood

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currently I am most comfortable with the 787 I can do long haul routes like JFK to Heathrow pretty easily it’s usually my unfamilarity with the planes that gets me. If I play multiplayer I will probably use the 787 or the 737 until I get more comfortable with the others


Then, yes, I would recommend getting to know the 777 on single player before flying it

The 777 is a lovely bird. Do some patterns with it - after some practice you may begin loving it. Cheers!

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