Any tips on how to earn most badge easily?

Hi guys I was wondering if u guys know how to get most of the badges in an easy way?

Especially, the Reader badge, etc.

Well look at the requirements for a badge if you’re trying to get it, but I’d encourage you to focus on posting quality comments and really contributing to the conversation instead of just trying to get certain things. At the end of the day, others will remember and value someone who contributes and makes the community better as opposed to someone who has a random badge.


The easiest way to get the Reader badge, I’d assume, is by reading.


To be honest, the easiest way to get them is to earn them by doing it yourself. If you read the descriptions of the badges it’ll tell you what you need to-do in order to get it. I recommend you don’t farm for them.

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This will only lead to you getting TL locked, which if you’re trying to farm higher trust levels, is the last thing you want.

Besides, TL farming only makes you look bad anyway.


No actually I’m not I am just curious

I think I’m ready to close this topic

Flag it for the mods, then.