Any tips on getting more XP

I’m a Grade 3 I have my 50 hours done and everything else except landings but I’ll just do pattern work and touch and goes for that does anyone have tips on getting XP ? I’m trying to get a Grade 4


That’s actually the best way. In my opinion. You could also take a long flight. But nevertheless, touch and go is a great way. Also, it’s good peace (:

I’ll keep trying it

Search for airports with high crosswinds. Grab a prop and fly tight patterns. You’ll get thousands of XP in no time.

Fly the Spitfire. Strong crosswinds will multiply the xp.

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Where do I check crosswinds

There are multiple websites on the internet that display airports with high winds. I can’t link you to any at the moment, but you can go search for them on the internet.

So just google airports with strong winds ?

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That works.

Yeah, that’ll work.

That didn’t work can someone post a link to the website

This should help.

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