Any tips on flying?

Just want to improve, looking for tips! :)

I’d suggest taking a look at the #ground-school:community-tutorials. It’s got a plethora of great tutorials from fellow IFC members!

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Ok thanks!

well, my tip would to go solo and just experiment with all of the features IF has to offer!

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Smart! Will do!

You can also check out Infinite flight’s youtube for other great tutorials

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Going to right now!

Try flying to new destinations with new aircraft and different airlines frequently. Variety is key 👌

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I find that doing some pattern work is good practice to get your fine movements down for flying. I think a lot of new pilots tend to overreact and overcorrect and it leads to crashes. Try practicing basic patterns at first, then you can add wind, turbulence, etc.

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Wow, didn’t think of that!

Don’t forget about general aviation

dont crash


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