Any tips on flying austrian and edelweiss?

Hello, in 5 weeks time I’m flying to Albania from heathrow. I will be using Austrian airlines from LHR-VIE then from VIE-TIA. I will be flying the a320 from Lhr-Vie and the A321 from Vie-Tia. I’ve reserved seats for row 8 for both flights but are there better seats in the aircraft? And does austrian airlines have good onboard service?

Now, on the way back I will be flying from Tirana to zurich then onto london city airport. I will fly edelweiss from Tia-Zrh onboard an a320. Does edelweiss have good service? Thank you for taking time to read this and I would appreciate any tips on any good seats to reserve and if theres anything else I can do.


In 2017, I flew on Austrian. It was a fantastic experience! They’re the one airline I’ve been on that actually had music playing during boarding and after landing. I can’t remember if it played during cruise. They also provided Milka chocolate, which is (of course) delicious. They had fantastic cabin service, and were very kind.

The flights I was on were MUC-VIE and VIE-MUC about two weeks later. They were both on A320s.

My experience with them was 10/10.


I’ve flew with them back in 2013 on their Fokker 100 and it truly was a great experience. Everything was perfect! Just sit back and enjoy the experience…


Never flew with them but… welcome to Albania 🇦🇱. Hope you ll enjoy your time here

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I love Edelweiss! Chilled metal utensils is one thing I remember. Flew on their A340 from Calgary to Zurich for ski racing in Saas Fee

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