Any tips of opening a VA?

Hi. I am thinking that open a VA called Air Caraibies VA. But I want some tips of how to open it successful such as using discord or Slack, crew center and activities. Can anyone help me?

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This has zero effect on it being successful.

Not required, but definitely a nice touch.

Group flights and events definitely help out.


Thanks for help :)

Probably the key to have a successful VA/VO. Having events keeps pilot activity up and makes a VA/VO more unique and interactive.

First thing? Make sure you’re prepared to found and lead a VA. You’ll have to put in hours each week to be successful. I also highly, highly (i can’t emphasize this enough) recommend working as staff at another VA before trying to be a CEO of a new VA so you can get a small idea of how much work goes into operating a VA.

Don’t try to start a VA just for the sake of starting one.

Don’t worry about choosing between slack/discord or routes or anything like that yet.


Thanks for your information. I will try hard to do ANVA staff member.

I dont think your allowed to be staff at 2 VA’s. So if you were to be the CEO at Air Caraibes Virtual, you would need to leave your staff position at Austrian Virtual.

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Would suggest using Discord. Slack have recently introduced a new rule where members have to be 16 or over. Some VAs have switched to Discord and others are considering it. Just to be safe, I’d suggest going to Discord. Unless your age restriction will be 16 or over

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This rule is not newly introduced. It’s been around for quite some time.

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New or not. The point of the comment still stands

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I previously owned Air Caraïbes Virtual before shutting it down, if you need help or anything with information, feel free to PM me :)


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