Any tips for strong cross wind landings

So last night I did klas-klax

The flight was going well until final approach…

I turned off auto pilot to only discover a strong crosswind. Even tho I landed. To all the passengers on flight 242 I apologize for the violent landing and inconvenience.

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Take a look at this tutorial:

Hey! Sometimes in infinite flight we can experience some turbulent weather (Really Windy). I usually just try my best to maintain centerline without rudders but just with my yoke. Once I hear 10 I usually put it rudders from their at my last seconds before I touch down. I just don’t use rudders like that coming down on the runway like the video showed. If your Approach was unstable you probably should’ve announced a Go around if you didn’t and try again but this time, coming in at a lower altitude. That’s just how I land, but obviously you could land based of what the video showed. ;)


Okay, and one important tip:
Do NOT use full flaps. It exposes more of the wing to the wind, making the plane less controllable.


Yea sure. Mine is simple
Control your plane. Sounds simple but yea. Don’t mind if you’re wobbly but make your correction when necessary. Keep your speed and descent rate as constant as possible.
Then finally: Don’t try and butter it. Just plant the aircraft on the runway. Don’t slam it in but put it down.

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I move with the wind when it’s strong, fight against it when it’s weak

Is my
Motto for CW landings.


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