Any Tips For Starting Flight Lessons?

Any Tips For Starting Flight Lessons?

I’m starting next year and I’m really nervous…


Don’t crash 😉 :D


Save up and pay everything up front


Don’t focus on a mistake you make… Unless, it threatens the safety of the aircraft and the people inside of it.

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These are great things to read


Here are my 10 tips!

  1. Trust the instructor. They are qualified for the job, and know what’s best for not only the learning process, but being in control of the aircraft.

  2. Find the balance between doing too much and too little. It is not cowardly to admit that you don’t want to do something. If the instructor wants you to execute a maneuver that you don’t feel comfortable with, then tell them! They will explain it, and ultimately you have the final say. Keeping this in mind however, don’t be afraid to pipe up if you want to do more. If the instructor is flying the plane back from the practice area and you want control, just ask him. Find your limits, but also try to learn from everything that is going on around you.

  3. Don’t let Infinite Flight procedures affect your procedures. Despite how much I thought I knew, when I first started flying I quickly realized that IF is a lot different than the real world.

  4. Go into it assuming you know nothing. Don’t act like you know it all. You’ll be surprised on how quickly the attitude turns against you. Once again, the instructor is here to teach you the ropes for your initial stages.

  5. Do your ground work. If you get ground school, take advantage of it!

  6. Look outside. As a flight simmer, you will be tempted to watch the panel, rather than looking at your surroundings. You should learn how to fly without using your instruments. Rather than look at your V/S indicator to know if you are climbing, look outside at the horizon! This will take some practice

  7. Realize your mistakes, and learn from them. It is not a sign of weakness to admit you made a mistake. I’ll give you an example from my training. Early on in my training, I was just learning how to land the aircraft. On final approach, I let the aircraft become unstable and was unable to manage my speed properly. The instructor took over the controls and landed. Initially, I was upset and embarrassed. But rather than focus on that, I asked him to walk me through what I did wrong and show me the right way to do it. Next landing, I nailed it.

  8. Don’t be afraid of ATC. This is something I struggled with during my early training, and looking back on it I feel silly. It’s natural to be nervous to talk, but ATC are normally forgiving. They realize that you are a student, and that everyone starts somewhere. If you want to get better at talking to ATC, I’d recommend listening on LiveATC. Do not listen to a large airport, but rather a smaller field with more GA traffic.

  9. Don’t get discouraged when faced with a challenge. It can be tough to get some things right! Be sure to power through, and try your best to learn whatever it is you are struggling on. For example, I had trouble with crosswind landings initially. It took me quite a few lessons to get the hang of them, but I never thought of it as a setback. Rather, it was a learning opportunity.

  10. This is going to sound cheesy, but have fun! Flying is a privilege that many don’t have. Although there is a place and time to be professional, remember to sit back and experience the miracle that flight is. Enjoy the views you see, or the rush you get every time you lift off the ground.

I hope you take these to heart as you begin training. Remember, it is important to make your own rules as you progress through your training. Every student has their own way of improving.

When it comes time to fly, I’m sure you’ll do great.
Good luck!


Same here!

Thanks for the Effort in that!

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