Any Tips for putting down nose gear smoothly when landing?

So I’ll get straight to the point, could anybody please give me some tips on how to put the nose gear down more gently when landing. As I seem to be just slamming it down when I touch down.


After you land, hold the flare at about 3 degrees depending on what aircraft your flying, and gently set down the nose gear. Wait to activate reverse thrusters until the nose gear is on the ground.


I usually try and control my planes pitch still after touch down, so I would keep the nose up and slightly pitch down more and more until it gets to fast. Basically you have to be gentle and almost keep flying when landing. My explications probably horrible sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about 😬


Ok thank you. I’ll keep that in mind!

No I understand you. Thanks!!

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I found using trim helped. The A320 for example slams easily if you aren’t careful. I sometimes tilt my device a bit also to increase pitch slightly while my speed decreases to keep the gear up for a little longer. Also, try not to go too slow. This will make it harder to land smoothly in my opinion

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Fly the aircraft to a stop.

Once you touch down, there are still aerodynamic forces acting on your aircraft. Keep maneuvering the aircraft as if you were flying until you stop moving.


Not using APPR helps. APPR will engage the brakes immediately on touchdown which can cause the nose gear to slam harder than you would like.

I also like to not have spoilers armed so I can deploy them when I want on the ground.


In most commercial aircraft right when the main gear touches down, I have to immediately apply back pressure even if my brakes aren’t on to keep my nose from crashing down. Then I can slowly ease it down.

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Make sure not to have the parking brake button active whilst touching down;
Instead, use progressive braking pressure through sliding down the rudder control UI.

Don’t come in too slow else you’ll have to have a pretty large flare to not stall out and you will most definitely slam the nose gear

Are you performing an ILS or an RNAV approach? If you’re using the aircrafts ILS, try to disengage the ILS around 400ft above the runway, and finish the approach manually, this will give you more time to orient yourself with the yoke controls rather than disabling that AP 100ft above the runway.

You probably mean disengage the APPR function under autopilot. It’s always good to be tuned into the localiser to fly the approach manually from higher up than 400ft.

Always remember to calibrate before disengaging autopilot!


Thank you all!!

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