Any tips for long haul tonight?

I’m thinking of doing a flight from Seoul to Auckland tonight. However, I see that there are 68 inbounds to Auckland atm. My concern is that there will be heavy traffic and that I will not be able to land due to fuel. I already planned to take around 15 hours of fuel for the flight, however I do not wish to spend hours to try to land. Is this something I should be worried about?

Hey Philippe,

I would always plan an extra 30 minutes to an hour of fuel when flying into ATC controlled airspace’s as you never know what is going to happen

The flight time is 11 hours but I’ll take 15 hours just because I like to play it super safe. I can always dump fuel if needed so fuel is less of a concern for me than long approach times.

I’d expect some delays depending on the time you land. NZAA only has one runway so traffic may be backed up. 15 hours of fuel is more than enough though.

15 hours fuel will be plenty. You really would only need 12-13 hours fuel but you probably won’t be too heavy landing tomorrow

Not worried, but prepared. I’m sure 15 hours will be plenty, if the flight time is 11, just make sure you account for your weight and any headwinds that might slow you down and/or make you burn more fuel along the way, but imo, that’s a lot of extra fuel.

But what I’m worried about is long approaches. Can I expect huge chaos like we had at Geneva or Tahiti when those airports were featured, or should I expect everything to go smoothly?

I wouldn’t stress over it. There may be a delay but not like a delay at those airports previously featured.

Well, ya never really know. It is a single runway airport with lots of inbounds, and I’m assuming there will be plenty more departures to go along with that. Arrivals are usually prioritized, and I’m sure approach will let you know if you need to divert before your 4 hours reserve is burnt up. :)

In this case the only appropriate airport to divert would be Christchurch. If I have less than an hour of fuel left I’m not confident at all I’ll make it

use this for fuel, routing, etc…

if you wanna be really realistic you should plan step climbs, but obviously you will have to monitor your flight from time to time

As I previously stated fuel isn’t at all my concern. My concern is doing a hugely long approach like at Tahiti or Geneva. Due to the fact that Auckland only has one runway, I have that feeling that the same thing will happen.

as you’ve previously stated, fuel is specifically one of your concerns.

Anyway, IFATC is due to staff the New Zealand area tomorrow (as per the IFATC schedule), so if you’re really concerned about encountering traffic, now may not be the best time to perform a longhaul to Auckland. Wait a day i guess…

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