Any tips for going on an Inaugural Flight?

So I just booked my flight from Los Angeles to Kahului with Hawaiian’s new 787! The flight isn’t until May 15th, 2024. I was just curious as to how these type of flights work? Should I get their earlier than usual?

Also this will be my first flight as an adult as I recently turned 18. I’ve never flown alone before so I was curious to see what it’s like to go solo.

Thank ya!


You might find some sort of party at the gate and/or onboard, giftbags and more!

These flights are for showcasing their new aircraft
and they still get you from Point A to Point B, but with a lot more celebration and joy!

You should probably arrive at the gate a bit earlier than usual to not miss anything.

Make sure to enjoy the moment and take lots of pictures!


There’s a 99% chance your flight won’t depart on time. Inaugurals never do.


I’ve flown solo quite a number of times, being a minor, and honestly, nothing really changes, especially if this is a domestic flight. In Europe (E.U.) at least it is incredibly easy to travel alone. I doubt it’ll be different in the US.
Just think about what your parents would do in this situation and you’ll be good ;)

Oh and we want pictures !


Oh I got plans for those!


aw shoot. Hopefully I can catch my connecting flight to Honolulu! Then I will be flying the 787 again back home. Oh yes I’m doing this trip all in one day too

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Northern Pacific vibes

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Flying solo in the U’S’ as a minor is super easy. It’s pretty much the exact same as flying with your parents just more fun.

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Expect me to be spotting you lol


lol roger that

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If the chickens are anything on Maui like here on Kauai you’re in for some Bak-Bak good times!


Hmm maybe I should try to rebook a later connecting flight?

i still find it funny that haōleʻs find the chickens so crazy, like i mean are chickens not that common on the mainland? (no offense)

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You are correct, 😂 the mainland does not have chickens running around unless your at a petting zoo or state fair. I think their great and beautiful.

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lmao, funny enough if you go to the right areaʻs youʻll find people like my friends and i grabbing random roosters and using them in chicken fights, good money if you win


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