Any tips for first time on Expert Server

I am about 2,000 XP away from reaching 40,000 XP, thus enabling me to fly on the expert server. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me so I don’t get ghosted/reported on my first flight. (Things that are a bit different on expert server compared to training server) I have 45 hours of flying online, I’ve made 512 landings and I only have 12 violations. Are there more things that can give you violations on expert? I have a slightly above average knowledge of ATC and have watched most of the tutorials. thanks everyone for your tips. I can’t wait to fly with you!

-EK Aviation


Firstly, welcome to the expert server. Hope to see you flying around sometime.

As long as you follow all ATC instructions and use [not so common] sense in odd situations, you’ll be fine. Another important thing to note… Respect other pilots (eg. don’t cut in line).


Just follow ATC instructions the best you can, and if you’re unsure, research/ask. Remember ghosting is to punish trolls, not people with good intentions, and whilst you should know what you’re doing, everyone makes small mistakes.

And, of course, enjoy :)


Stay away from violations. Here is a link with info that Tyler provided as a reminder.

Follow ATC instructions and pay attention to your flying.

Welcome to the expert server. Tons of fun!


Do be aware of this expert server only rule. There is a 550kt GS (not IAS) speed limit below 40,000ft MSL. Really only applies to fighters as commercial aircraft have flight overspeed hard coded.

Pay special attention when you are at an unfamiliar airport. Have charts handy to help orient yourself on the ground. I mention this specifically because of two runway incursions that happened on the same day at the same airport by two different pilots earlier this week.

Otherwise just follow instructions and obey the standards set by official IF resources. Happy flying!


Just follow ATC is the big one. Of no ATC is available use the unicom. Common sense flying as long as your not trolling expert is the server to be on. Enjoy hope to see you flying around soon.


Taxi Rules
No more than 35 knots (Groundspeed)
Dont intercept other plane and taxi through grass
And follow ATC instructions

Flight Rules
0 - 10.000 feet : no more than 250 knots
24.000 - 40.000 : no more than MC.85 / 320 knots
No acrobatic flight above the airport
And follow ATC instructions


If your intentions are to fly in controlled airspace with a filed flight plan, remember that ATC will more than likely divert you according to the wind direction, traffic, and runway availablity. Stay calm and remember to use your time honing your spatial awareness skills by constantly reviewing your map and listening to transmissions from ATC to surrounding traffic. This gives you the ability to anticipate the movement of your fellow pilots. Mostly be respectful and have a blast.


First, I commend you for seeking knowledge! You’re going to absolutely love the expert server!

The expert server is the true “simulator” server for IF.
Everyone agrees following ATC instructions is a big deal!
But in order to do that, you have to understand each instruction. Understanding things like: entering and flying in a pattern, proper decent speeds/altitudes and maintaining adequate separation between aircraft around you are “must know” knowledge while flying on the expert server. Same as in real world, not knowing the rules is not an excuse for not following the rules.

I recommend spending these next 2000XP familiarizing yourself with understanding when to contact what ATC (ground/tower/ctr/etc.), and how to properly communicate with ATC. This is the major “night and day” difference between the casual/TS1 server and the expert server. Learn how to effectively communicate over Unicom as well. (ATC aren’t the only ones on Expert that can report you.)

In addition to understanding how to utilize ATC and Unicom, it is very important that you know the dynamics of your particular aircraft you fly while on the expert. Things like proper approach protocols per your aircraft, decent speeds and properly intercepting the localizer will help you in maintaining a clean record. I don’t recommend flying an aircraft you’re unfamiliar with there. That is what the casual is for.

Hope this answers some of your questions but doesn’t scare you away lol. I look forward to flying with you on the expert!


Follow instructions and don’t be impatient. We do know what we are doing.


There really isn’t anything to fear on the expert server if you’ve done your due diligence and know how to follow pattern instructions. Have fun!


All of the above PLUS file a flight plan so that others know your intentions


Always ask to cross a runway and do anything else just always ask permission

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Just be yourself :)

In simplest terms, follow rules and instructions.

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Just got to Grade 3! Thank you everyone for the tips. I will take them into consideration for my first flight on the expert server tomorrow! I hope to see some of you!


Take time to watch the training videos on the IF YouTube channel and you’ll be good to go! Here’s the link:

Follow ATC instructions, be mindful of other aircraft while taxing, follow the speed restrictions…


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