Any tips for a perfect pushback & taxi?

Hey :) . So i don´t know how to do a pusback and taxi perfectly. i usually do good pushbacks and decent taxis, but sometimes i just do everything wrong and that´s very annoying specially if someone is behind you. So if you know a trick to fix this problem let me know. I think is also great for the new pilots that will carry the new update.

Start your turn early when pushback, especially if you are flying heavies, to get yourself aligned with taxiway without the need to adjust and take up more space behind you.
While taxiing, though the violation limit is 35kt, I recommend taxiing around 20-25kt and not exceed 10kt when turning.


Everything above is right. Just make to look at your ground speed which is below your airspeed on the hub view.

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Practice makes perfect, on a side note, we are all human, mistakes happen, so when pushing back, as long as you don’t end up in the grass or in a “building” that is a good pushback, same with taxiing, as long as you listen to ATC instructions and you do not end up taxiing into another player and you don’t taxi above 35KTS, that is a good taxi.

If you aim for realism, then do as suggested above

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In addition to what has been said already:
The actual taxi IRL is usually 30kts, 10kts for sharp turns, and 15kts on the ramp. The 35 in IF gives a buffer so you don’t have to taxi slower in the 767.

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  1. Get ready for pushback, double check that you’re ready, look behind the aircraft, if you don’t see anyone, you’re clear to go. If ATC is present, request pushback.
  2. Next, use your rudder to align with the runway, bigger planes need to start earlier, additionally, don’t start too early, start just right.
  3. You’re all lined up, turn on each engine individually, and configure your flaps.
  4. Announce taxi or request it, start heading over to your runway. Normally I’d do 20-25, but on straight, long, runways, I like to go 30, I do my turns between 10 & 15.
  5. Head over to the runway, if no ones there, and no ATC is present, go ahead and take off, make sure you have strobes and landing lights on. If ATC is present, hold short and request takeoff.
  6. Takeoff! You’re done!

Hope I helped! :)



everybody is right in here. We ATC´s recommend a taxispeed of about 20kts. This gives us more Space for Progressiv Taxi if needed.
So on an ATC controlled Airport be awared for progressiv Taxi, thats realy importend, becouse you don´t see all in your Cockpit.

The Pushback, take Time and line up und the Taxiway. Start your Engines, Nr.2 First, then Nr.1.

NAV-Lights are on when you Pushback
Bacon-Lights go on before you start your Engines
Landing-Lights could be used for Taxi.


The are not for taxing.

Hope this helps, nice Day


Yes Pretty Important lol


try to follow the yellow arc line when pushing back

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I do somthing where before I come to a stop I cycle the parking breaks which stops the pushback but keeps the plane rolling. This lets me come to a smoother and not as neck breaking stop.

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Why should we start engine number 2 first ?
I always start number one first and then number two … but in real life i always start number 2 first 😅


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i dont know but im going to ask a pilot in my va who is a pilot on the e-170/175 in real life

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I think its so then the captain can hear the engine noise, if the left one is on first they wouldn’t be able to hear the right engine.


When you do start nr.2 first in real life, why not in the sim?

Some Technical told me sometime why but I did not know it right now.

But its the procedure to start nr.2 First in Real.

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