Any Suggestions on a 16 Hour Flight?

Does anyone have suggestions on a 16 Hour flight? Thank you.

Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles

Auckland to Chicago

Honestly, there’s not that many to choose from. AKL-DOH never fails to disappoint.

Hamand, qatar to auckland

Last year I flew Perth to Heahtrow, Qantas B789 project sunrise. It was really worth it

1 hour short: KEWR-VABB (15 hours)


Feel free to check out these posts too for a few suggestions:

singapore to newark

Not Project Sunrise, but a great choice.

That’s well over 20 hours lmao

Sydney to San-Francisco
yssy - ksfo i guess the codes

mus’ve gotten that mixed up it’s 2am here I can’t think okay

what about dubai to lax

KATL-FAOR it’s a pretty fun route

Maybe RPLL-KJFK, 16h 40m duration.

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