Any Suggestions for Free Photo Editor?

I’m not sure if it’s the right category, but I went spotting the other day and some of my pictures are out of focus and/or blurry. Does anyone have any suggestions for free photo editors that will fix this?



should be in #screenshots-and-videos,
here are my suggestions:
Adobe (sorry, not free I think)
IMovie if you have Idevice

Here is a topic for that if you are referring to IRL. You can ask if someone will fix them for you:)

Its ok in General.Adobe Photoshop Express and Picsart are 2 good photo editing apps

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Canva is a good online site that can let you do some creating in terms of banners and such.

Snapseed is a good free mobile app for editing the photos

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Thanks guys! I’ll look into the apps.

ADOBE photoshop/lightroom

If you want mobile.

#1 Snapseed
#2 Adobe Lightroom
#3 Pics Art
#4 Photofox
#5 Adobe Photoshop Express

And Photoshop Mix

Those are my favorites!

Have a look at the Graphics Image Manipulation Program otherwise known as GIMP.

All the power of Photoshop (all of it believe me) from an open source, free piece of software.

You won’t find better.

(used to be only Linux but now they support all platforms.)

Anyone know of any that can add some contrails or any effects on the pics in the App Store

Pics art for sure

How to add contrails?

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