Any Route Suggestions?

Please Be Sure To Give Me Some Of Your Thoughts So I Can Record Those Thoughts, And Put Them On YouTube! Be Sure To Have The Airline And Aircraft! And PLEASE DO NOT FLAG THIS!!! Be Sure To Also To My Channel! The Name Is “Hudson Galik”

KLAX-KSAN B737. Classic route.

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You might want to check out [this topic].([New/Updated Routes] Suggested Routes | 2020)

I Want Your Thoughts

Have you tried any of the three routes I said from the other time you asked some suggestions?


I know everybody want good routes, you should use the links all of the helpful community members have shared. I noticed the only topics you have made are ones with the same title; they were all closed and this is destined to be too.

also as @Alec said:


This is a year old but there is still lots of routes in here

Two good routes that come to mind are KSEA-PANC/PAJN with Alaska Airlines 737-800/900 and KFLL-TJSJ with JetBlue A320.

Hey! You already have 25 (yes I counted, not including ones here) personalized route suggestions in your other thread!

There is absolutely no reason to open a new one every single time your old one gets closed 😉

And I doubt you have done all of those.


Who Is Closing My Threads?

The moderators.


Mods and staff


The mods, who have already given multiple reasons why. Check your own topics.

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Oh Ok Then

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Along with the suggested routes, I’d highly suggest ‘ticking’ through this guide when creating a topic. It comes in helpful when wanting to find out specific information.