Any route suggestions for this weeks IFATC Schedule?

Any route suggestions for this weeks IFATC Schedule?

What’s an IFC schedule?

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You mean ATC schedule?

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Oops yup just changed it.

Any days in particular?

Oslo to Copenhagen

Any ! Your choice!

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Alright, heres a few (some from my VAs ROTW)

(Not sure flight number) - ZSPD - BIKF (B748 Special Delivery Flight)

LG 3767 - ELLX - LPPR (B737)

KZ 9383 - RJAA - EDDL (B748)

KE 540 - ENGM - LOWW (B77L)

FI 795 - BIKF - KSEA (B752)

Not Sure Flight Number - SBGL - KJFK (Varig MD11F)

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Here are my Siggestions

Monday = NZAA - NZQN // Air New Zealand or Jetstar a320

IFATC Choice

Wednesday = ENGM - EFHK // SAS Retro a319

Thursday = KRFD - KCMH // Citation X


Saturday = LEPA - EGDD // Tui 737

Sunday = SBGL - SCEL // Latam a350

Those are my suggestions :)

I think you should try ENGM-ENTC-ENSB in the SAS 737 on Wednesday, other than that I don’t know but flying into the worlds northernmost commercial airport would be really fun.

I’d say;
SAS or Brussels Airlines

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